The Moscow Exchange has suspended trading in Rusnano bonds, the company is discussing “negative scenarios”

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The Moscow Exchange has suspended trading in Rusnano securities since November 19. The company held a meeting with creditors and major bondholders on business restructuring. She claims she wants to “avoid the worst-case scenarios” because of “disproportionate debt.”

The announcement of the suspension of trades in nine bond issues was published on the Mosbirzh website on November 19 – almost an hour after the trades were suspended.

On the evening of November 19, Rusnano announced that it was holding a meeting with creditors and major bondholders. They discussed “scenarios of restructuring in the interests of creditors.” “It was stated that the accumulated disproportionate debt and the current financial model of the Company require adjustments. Currently, there is an opportunity to work out compromise options for the development of the situation, which will allow avoiding the most negative scenarios, “- said in a message on the company’s website.

Rusnano notes that it plans to continue “the process of open and constructive dialogue with creditors and other interested parties.” The company has not yet announced the reasons for the suspension of trading. “Information on further measures will be communicated as the legal opportunity arises to propose specific commercial parameters to change obligations,” the message says.


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