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The achievement recorded by the Israeli national team this evening (Saturday) with its promotion to the semi-finals of the Nations League playoffs has many implications for the future of the team, as this qualification increases the chances of Alon Hazan’s team to reach Euro 2024 and make history.

First of all, Israel will host the semi-final playoff game of the Nations League, which is a very important home advantage and will also earn more financial income. In addition to this, the football association will receive a bonus of 1.5 million euros. Also, for advancing to the semi-finals and due to the elevation to the senior level in the Nations League, the selected team will receive a grant of 2.2 million euros instead of 1.5 million euros. Meaning, promotion to the playoffs equals to the Israeli national team about 2.2 million euros.

Another thing, finishing at the top of the home team also gives the team a promotion to the second tier in the Euro qualifying draw. In fact, advancing to the playoff stage, i.e. finishing in first place, will arrange a relatively favorable draw for the team ahead of the Euro 2024 qualifiers which will be held on October 9 in Frankfurt, Germany.

This will allow the team two relatively comfortable routes to make history in a historic qualification for the Euros. As you know, in the Euro qualifiers 53 national teams will be divided into 10 groups, where 7 groups will have 5 national teams and another 3 groups will have 6 national teams. All the first teams at home and the runners-up will automatically qualify for the Euro games. So that the team will now be able to get even closer to history through the playoffs or through the Euro qualifiers thanks to a comfortable home that it will be able to get following the promotion.


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