The new coin that glorifies the killer of Jews

The new coin that glorifies the killer of Jews

After the signing of the agreement with Poland on the return of the Israeli youth delegations, while agreeing that the youth will also hear the “Polish story”, there continue to fight for the narrative – we too were victims of the Nazis, we too had heroes in the war against the Germans. But according to historians, while severely distorting the factual truth.

Starting today (Friday), a new coin is being introduced to the public in Poland: a collector’s coin of approximately 10 zlotys in the name of Józef Koraş, one of the leaders of the “Army Kryowa” – the controversial right-wing Polish underground that operated against the Nazi regime during the occupation of Poland in World War II.

Why is the underground controversial?

The “Armia Kariova” was also known for its strong anti-Semitic overtones. The Polish-Jewish historian denounced by the Polish government (because of his habit of telling the truth) Prof. Jan Grabowski publishes a post about Josef Korash and the coin in his memory: “Korash is responsible for the death of dozens of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, who were murdered by me after the war. He is also responsible for the murder of Samak Avrahamer, his brother My grandfather’s. Poland, in terms of the memory of the Holocaust, is more and more a rogue country.”

According to him, “One can only wonder when Poland will issue a coin to celebrate Adolf Hitler – after all, the image of Roman Demowski, Hitler’s biggest fan, already graces all Polish passports. The inscription on the coin says: ‘They behaved properly’. I say: smallpox on their houses!”

As part of the battle for consciousness, at noon the President of Poland Andrzej Duda also participated in a ceremony commemorating Poles who saved Jews in the Holocaust, in the village of Markowa, in the museum established by the current government in memory of the Ulma family who were all murdered (the parents and their six children) because they were caught by the Nazis hiding Jews.

This is one of the institutions to which the Poles hope to start bringing the Israeli youth delegations, according to the agreement. While Poland has the largest number of followers of the nations of the world – 7,232 in number, historians do not disagree on the fact that there were a much larger number of Polish Jewish moralists – who were nicknamed schmaltzewniks, after the fat “schmaltz”, and sometimes sugar, they received for their work.


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