The new Intel Arc driver enables DirectX 9 shooting ancestor CS:GO to achieve 1.8x performance improvement

Intel Arc discrete graphics card Alchemist is designed using the Xe HPG architecture and is designed for the new generation of game APIs. Therefore, when facing old games such as DirectX 9 games, it is necessary to optimize the API through the driver to achieve better game performance.

The test when the ban was released on the market also found that Arc A770 and A750 did not perform well in the “CS: GO” game. Therefore, in Intel’s latest Arc 3953 driver update, optimization for DirectX 9 games can achieve an average performance improvement of 1.8x times. And 99% FPS also has a 2.3x increase.

DirectX 9 games can have a good performance improvement at 1080p and 1440p using the 3953 driver.

The best performance is that “CS:GO” can achieve a performance improvement of 1.79x times.

And while the performance is improved, it also means that Frametime is more stable, allowing players to have a smoother gaming experience.

If you use a desktop computer, laptop, NUC and other platforms with Intel Arc graphics, you can download the driver update from the Intel website.

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