The new iPhone 14, when will it be in the market? iPhone 14.. What are the specifications and price of the new Apple mobile phone 2022

We show you our most important and recent visitors news details of the new iPhone 14, when will it be launched in the market iPhone 14.. What are the specifications and price of the new Apple mobile 2022 in the following article

Omar Shuwail – Jeddah, the new iPhone 14, when will it be released in the market? iPhone 14.. What are the specifications and price of the new Apple mobile phone 2022 – Thaqafni

The new iPhone 14, when will the iPhone 14 be launched in the market, and the most prominent specifications of the iPhone 14 phone and its prices in the global and local markets, where the iPhone 14 is the last smartphone that was designed within the American “Apple” company, as the company confirmed that the release date was not disclosed. The phone has been released so far, but there were some leaks that revealed the release date of the phone, but there is no certain information about the date of its release, and when you provide us with any correct information, we will provide it to you.

New iPhone 14
New iPhone 14

The most prominent capabilities and specifications of the iPhone 14

  • Monitor iPhone 14 It measures 6.1 inches, has a resolution of about 1170 by 2532, and is made of non-fouling, anti-dust, dirt and waterproof ceramic glass.
  • Through its screen, the phone allows watching videos and games in high quality, and it contains 6 GB in addition to the internal storage memory of up to 1 TB in the higher-equipped categories of the phone.
  • The phone’s camera works with a 12-megapixel camera and another resolution for making portraits and isolation with a precision of 2 mega-pixels. The phone is equipped with a Hexa Core processor, which makes the phone up to download heavy applications and games without slowing down the device.
  • The phone runs on iOS 16 and its battery is 4500 mAh. You can watch videos, movies, songs, browse, play, and do other things besides that all at the same time.
  • The phone supports Wi-Fi and the fifth generation network for communications in addition to the rest of the other networks, and its size is light and its thickness is thin, and this is the taste of many iPhone users.

Disadvantages of iPhone 14

It is expected that the phone’s defects are that its external memory is not expandable for external storage, and the phone’s fingerprint does not contain a fingerprint sensor, and the phone does not have a 3.5 mm headphone port.

iPhone 14 price

It is expected that The price of the phone in the UK market In Saudi Arabia, it starts from 3 thousand and reaches 5 thousand Saudi riyals, while its price in the Egyptian market starts from 20 thousand and 766 Egyptian pounds and reaches 26 thousand and 429 Egyptian pounds, while the price of the phone in the American and international markets starts from 1100 US dollars and reaches 1,400 US dollars.

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