The new job of former Knesset member Ayelet Nachmias-Rabin

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Ayelet Nachmias and Rabin (Photo by Roi Katz)

The Board of Directors of the Export Institute, today (Thursday) unanimously approved the candidacy of Ayelet Nachmias – Rabin for the next chairmanship of the Export Institute. Nachmias and Rabin will take up her position at the end of December.

Ayelet Nachmias – Verbin Married + 3, a former Knesset member in the 20th Knesset, served as a member of the Economic, Foreign and Security, Knesset and Child Rights Committees. Among other activities, she headed the Industry Lobby and the Israel-Greece Friendship Lobby. In 2016 she received the Outstanding Parliamentary Award.

Nahmias – Rabin currently serves as vice president of the Manufacturers Association, chairman of “Plastic Relief” and a director at various companies, along with other public positions such as chairman of JReady, the Jewish Agency’s Emergency Activities Initiative, the Terrorist Victims’ Fund and chairman of the Ben Gurion Board. in Tel Aviv.

Nachmias – Verbin, a lawyer by training. A graduate of the Hebrew University (LLB) and Tel Aviv University (LLM) with honors, she is considered a leading expert in the fields of corporate governance and among the pioneers who have implemented the concept on boards of directors in Israel. Nachmias and Rabin will be the first woman to head the Israel Export Institute.

With her appointment today Ayelet Nachmias – Rabin said: “I thank the Minister of Economy Orna Barbibai, the President of the Manufacturers Association, Dr. Ron Tomer and the members of the council for the trust they have placed in me. This is a particularly exciting day for me. Shipped the first crate for export back in the ’70s, my brother and I have been facing the challenges since his death. I love industry and am connected to it in my veins.

Israeli exports are the glory of our economy and carried the economy on its shoulders along with the entire industry during the Corona era. I am proud to head the institute, which is part of the critical infrastructure for strengthening exporters and pushing new manufacturers to improve competitiveness and go abroad.
We have exceptional opportunities to strengthen Israeli exports in the region, with markets that until a year ago seemed imaginary and to operate with innovative means adapted to the changing world.
Exports are now at a precedent-setting junction, and we face difficult challenges. Now in the face of competitors’ activity abroad and the weakening of the dollar and the euro, which undermine the foundations on which exports rest, both exports of goods and exports of services. It is not only the traditional industry that is dealing with the shortage of manpower, the rise in the price of raw materials and transportation in parallel with the addition, but also the high-tech industry is at a very sensitive and dangerous junction.
Upon taking office, we will be able to work together, the experienced and purposeful members of the institute, alongside the Minister of Economy and the Manufacturers Association, to develop and strengthen exports.
I thank the outgoing chairman Adiv Baruch for an important and significant service during a fascinating and challenging period on the other. “

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