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With the “freedom of expression” that television series often allow with respect to the “riskiest” film projects, here is once again the talent of Paolo Sorrentino applied to TV storytelling: from 10 January it will be broadcast exclusively on Sky Atlantic and Now Tv ‘The New Pope ‘, the new series of the Oscar-winning Great Beauty set in the Vatican, a follow-up to the international success’ The Young Pope’. The original Sky series created and directed by Sorrentino, written with Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises, produced by The Apartment and Wildside, part of Fremantle, with blockbuster reconstructions begins where the first ended: the young and charming American Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law) is in a coma. After the preview at the Venice Film Festival, now for the Sky, Hbo, Canal + product, it is time for airing and there is curiosity about the challenge between the two protagonists Jude Law and John Malkovich and the narrative development of the story . The new plot is well known: “The pope is in a coma and the Vatican needs to have a reliable regent and since – Sorrentino tells ANSA – in the first series Lenny Belardo had a form of conservative extremism. As often happens in reality there is a tendency to create alternation and therefore thanks to the diplomacy of the Secretary of State Voiello (Silvio Orlando) the choice falls on a less hard, less angular character, more inclined to compromise and to the ‘via media’ which he himself theorized in a book “. And so the moderate, sophisticated, self-centered, very elegant English aristocrat Sir John Brannox (Malkovich) rises to the throne of Peter and takes the name of John Paul III. But the charismatic Law, whom crowds of faithful idolize and pray in the streets, wakes up from a coma. “Pius XIII and John Paul III – continues Sorrentino – represent two different visions of the papacy, of doing politics and also of life: the first foresees that the problems are faced directly, without compromise, the other works for the opposite” . But beyond the clashes, it is the theme of fundamentalism, even Catholic, that keeps The New Pope’s tension high.


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