the new premier is Naftali Bennett-

JERUSALEM – The police intervened on highway number 1 to free three deputies from Tel Aviv who were climbing towards Jerusalem and power. All votes were needed. To ensure the coalition of change gains confidence in parliament.

The boiling wind caused the fires that blocked traffic, the heat inflamed even more Benjamin netanyahu who has shown that he does not want to go over low heat

«Like the eleven Israeli prime ministers who preceded him – comments Anshel Pfeffer on time leaves against his will. As a winner».

The premier who with twelve consecutive years (plus three between 1996 and 1999) broke the tenure record held by David Ben-Gurion, today, saw the Knesset give a vote of confidence to the new executive, led by Naftali Bennett (60 votes to 59). But it marks the country with the mark of its ideology and choices.

“He won on the international scene – continues the editorialist of the historic left-wing newspaper – because he overturned the idea of ​​the centrality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and on the domestic level by demonstrating that the occupation is not only sustainable but even brings benefits”.

Netanyahu becomes head of the opposition, the role he held when Naftali Bennett was his chief of staff, two years gone very badly and prefer not to talk about.

The circle is closed: it is the former hi-tech entrepreneur who takes his place and gives the inauguration speech.

“It is a day of change as happens in democracies. I promise my government will work for the whole country. ”

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The words were inundated with boos and insults from Netanyahu’s Likud deputies. A riot that pushed Yair Lapid the other half of the new coalition – to give up on the podium: we are not looking for a fight. It will be difficult to avoid the political confrontation.

«Today the Iranians celebrate – Netanyahu proclaimed – because this government is weak. The Americans asked me to keep our disagreements on the deal with Tehran secret, I replied that I remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he refused to bomb the trains and gas chambers, he could have saved our people. “

In reality, Bennett himself declared that he was against the agreement of the international community with Tehran and that he could not allow the regime to manufacture the atomic bomb.

Netanyahu wants to leave diplomatic scorched earth behind with Washington, a Lapid tasked with mending relations, he is foreign minister for two years, before taking over from Bennett, if this government lasts long enough.

Netanyahu – who announced: “I’ll be back soon” – plans to dismantle the pieces of the coalition, which goes from Bennett’s settler party (opposed to a state for Palestinians) to the historic left of the Labor Party, passing through the center of Lapid and escaped from Likud, up to an Islamist party. Different ideologies, but for many a common element: they started their careers working for or with Netanyahu and from that experience they came out with a common goal. Lay it down.


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