The new Samsung watches, Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro are more durable

Alongside the new foldable phones, Samsung also unveiled a new pair of watches at the Unpacked 2022 event: Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro. They offer a new design, higher durability and also a required improvement in charging times.

The Watch5 and Watch5 Pro are based on Android Wear OS 3.5, and similar to the previous year’s models, support a relatively large variety of Android Wear applications, Google’s voice assistant as well as payment by touch using Google Pay. Once again, Samsung is focusing on a variety of health indicators collected by the BioActive sensor that combines 3 different measurements: heart rate, electrical heart signal and bioelectrical impedance analysis. There are also sensors for temperature, lighting, height and more that allow you to track the user’s indicators and provide data including blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, pressure, body structure and even EKG.

The Watch5 and Watch5 Pro watches include a new feature that should attract mainly travelers, and that is the possibility to load navigation files, thus repeating navigation in the field or paths recorded by other users.

This time Samsung classified the watches according to size and use. Watch5 comes in a Small model of 40 mm and a Large model of 44 mm and there is also the Pro model which is the largest of all with a width of 45 mm, which is also equipped with the largest battery among the new watches with 590 mAh/ hour compared to 410 and 284 milliampere/hour for the Large and Small models respectively and even offers higher survivability with a titanium body and sapphire glass compared to an aluminum body in the Watch5 models.

Another area where there is improvement is charging. The updated charging technology of the watches also supports fast wireless charging which shortens the charging time by about 30%. According to the company’s statement, eight minutes of charging will be enough for a usage time of 8 hours.

The Watch5 and Watch5 Pro watches will come in several configurations and price ranges starting from NIS 1,149 for the Watch5 40 model up to NIS 1,999 for the N-Watch5 Pro model with LTE connectivity.


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