The new series co-produced by TEC and CONICET Documentary “Científica” was premiered

The new series co-produced by TEC and CONICET Documentary “Científica” was premiered

2023-06-09 20:54:57

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmus, and the President of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), Ana Franchi, led the preview of the series “Científica”, a co-production of TEC -the portfolio’s transmedia platform de ciencia- and CONICET Documental, CONICET’s audiovisual production company, which will be released for all audiences on the TEC screen next Thursday, June 15 at 10 p.m.

The Minister of Science congratulated those who were involved in the production of the series and assured: “For us it is as important to develop science as to tell it. As was seen recently, among other things, research is necessary to take care of the planet’s resources and so that society can advance. So, we need to disseminate so that there is a social demand for researchers and researchers”.

And he added: “We want this type of documentaries and series to be widely disseminated, to generate new questions and the possibility that more girls and boys choose science. Argentina has few scientists and scientists, we need more. We are the only country in the southern hemisphere that has three Nobel Prizes in science, so it is very important that more young people choose science. For this I recommend approaching both TEC and the CONICET Documentary productions”.

Previously, the President of CONICET expressed: “It is important to be able to show the different scientific disciplines that are carried out in the country, in all its regions and their impact on people’s lives. Also the different facets that researchers can have within the development of their projects. For example, there are those who do it in field work, in forests, as evidenced in this chapter, and those who do it from the laboratory or various spaces. It is important because it means that in science you can also choose. Showing what science does is clearly a necessity so that young people can identify how this can positively impact biodiversity, ecosystems, health, the environment and society in general”.

He also highlighted the role of audiovisual productions, such as those of CONICET Documentary, that promote scientific vocations: “The public communication of science is essential to encourage scientific vocations and show what can be done from science for society.”

The production was presented by the director of the series, Claudio Antonio Manríquez together with the head of TEC, Lucas Turturro. It consists of four 26-minute chapters that portray the personal experiences of three researchers and a CONICET researcher in their daily activities. For this preview, the chosen episode is titled “Powerful Relationships.” It reflects the experiences of Dr. Carolina Barroetaveña and her efforts to find a balance between pine wood production and native forest conservation, through the study of a fundamental interaction between plants and fungi.

After the screening, there was a panel in which the protagonists of the series spoke about the current situation of scientific research portrayed in each episode and about the importance of audiovisual formats as tools for scientific dissemination. Dr. Carolina Barroetaveña and Dr. Alejandra Volpedo participated in this segment. The panel was moderated by Leyla Bechara, a member of the TEC community.

The event was also attended by the Director of Articulation and Audiovisual Content, Juan Peyrou; the head of CONICET’s Directorate of Institutional Relations, Alejandro Dabrowski; and the coordinator of CONICET Documentary, Nicolás Zemborain. In addition, students from three secondary schools and young people from the group “Estamos al Horno” attended, an environmental scientific outreach and awareness initiative promoted by the Cultural Center of Science – C3.

It is worth remembering that the series will be released to the general public starting next Thursday, June 15 at 10 p.m. on the TEC screen on signal 22.5 of the TDA or on the live streaming.

TEC is an initiative of the Directorate of Articulation and Audiovisual Content of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation accessible through the website and social networksInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok– the channels of YouTube y Twitch; and the TV screen, through the live streaming or on signal 22.5 of Open Digital Television.

CONICET Documental is the audiovisual production company of the CONICET Institutional Relations Department that develops high-quality content based on the knowledge generated by the Argentine scientific community. More information available on your website.

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