The New York Times reported last night (Wednesday) that Israel had confirmed to the United States that it was behind the assassination of senior Revolutionary Guards official Hassan Siad Khoudayari earlier this week. According to the Times, although Israel did not take public responsibility, an intelligence source revealed to the newspaper that the issue had indeed been approved by Israel.

According to the source, Khoudayari’s assassination was intended to send a message to Iran that it must stop the operations of Quds Force 840, which has the responsibility to kidnap and assassinate Iran’s enemies around the world, including civilians and officials in Israel. For sending the message, the senior who was marked and eventually eliminated was the deputy commander of the unit, who according to Israel, according to the Times, has been responsible for actions and attempts to harm Israelis in the past two years. It should be noted that Iran has never officially revealed that there is a unit called “Quds Force 840”.

Compared to the country, Iranian figures affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards claimed that Khoudayari was not the commander of the force, but a logistical expert who played “a crucial role in developing drones and missiles and transferring them to war in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

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