the newco of the Casale Monferrato- group was dissolved

After a century, the history of the Cerutti of Casale Monferrato (Alessandria), a company founded in 1920 with the name of Officine Meccaniche Cerutti and which has become the market leader in the production of printing machines. Its future hangs on two business unit rentals but the Cerutti Group, the newco that acquired it in September 2020, no longer exists. THE bankruptcy trustees of Cerutti Packaging Equipment spa and Officine Meccaniche Giovanni Cerutti spa, Salvatore Sanzo and Ignazio Arcuri, approved the dissolution. The reason is the inability to implement the industrial plan which was the basis of the project. Cerutti therefore lost, at the same time, also the rent of the company branches and therefore the two companies returned to the market.

Offers by 3 May

There is still a month to submit the offers: the deadline on 3 May. Consequently, the 118 workers of the Group will re-enter their respective companies: Cerutti Packaging Equipment spa and Officine Meccaniche Giovanni Cerutti spa. With the effect of the termination of the company lease – the note of the trustees reads – the 118 workers of the Cerutti Group srl will return to their respective companies, that is to say in the two bankruptcies, which will again have 256 workers in charge. In order to protect the interests of employees and company structures to the maximum possible degree, the trustees will ask the Delegated Judges of the two bankruptcy procedures for authorization to carry out a further period of Covid layoffs for the month of April.

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