The “News 13” team was violently attacked at the scene of the attack in Yam watch

The “News 13” team was violently attacked at the scene of the attack in Yam  watch

The “News 13” team led by Udi Segal, who arrived to deliver the main edition from the scene of the attack in the Neve Ya’akov neighborhood in Jerusalem, were attacked by those present after the broadcast ended, throwing fences at the journalists, shouting various insults, yelling “fly away” and causing damage to the photographic equipment.

Asher was only 14 years old when he was murdered, the synagogue collector went to class and was shot dead

News 13 reported: “We are sorry that this is how an important, complex and painful broadcast from the scene of the terrible attack in Neve Ya’akov ends. It is unacceptable that a news team is attacked when it is performing its duty for the benefit of the entire public, and out of deep respect and identification with the neighborhood that experienced a terrible massacre. Our teams were We witnessed the aggression of some of those present also towards our colleagues from other bodies who were present at the scene. We share in the grief of the families of the dead, wish a speedy recovery to the injured and hope for quieter days.”

The CEO of “News 13”, Aviram Elad, said in response: “I condemn and denounce the attack on the News 13 team this evening in Jerusalem. We will continue to cover and bring the news to the citizens of Israel from anywhere and at any time. We will not hesitate and we will not stop doing our job, certainly not Alon and Udi, two of the most senior journalists in Israel. I call on the Israeli police to act to ensure the safety of Israeli journalists.”

“The Black Flags” stated: “We strongly condemn the violence of the outlaws who support the dictatorship against the people of ‘News 13’. The curses shouted by the protesters come directly from the corridors of the government. The attack on the media in recent weeks turns into physical and shocking violence. The State of Israel is in dark days, We are determined to fight for Israel, for democracy and for free communication.”

Journalist Udi Segal said: “I am saddened and pained by the death of those murdered in Jerusalem. We came to tell their story. To report. The violence and the blatant racism towards the journalists was unnecessary. This does not deter us. We are fine, but perhaps it is good to remember tonight that Derech Eretz preceded Torah “.


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