The next crisis? Almond has a new problem with Meretz

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The next crisis?  Almond has a new problem with Meretz

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Apart from the problems with the Prime Minister on the Electricity Law, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked today (Sunday) raised a new problem this time with the Meretz faction. Party members oppose the Interior Ministry’s infiltration law “The law is draconian towards those who are already in the country.” Minister Nachman Shai also voted against the law in the Ministerial Committee.

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In response to a knit question, the Meretz party said how they would vote for the law in the Knesset: “It seems that we will vote against.” Michal Rosin also told the knitters that “I am against the law.”

MK Musi Raz referred to the law and said last night: “I oppose the proposal to extend the bad law” to prevent infiltration. ” It is a cruel law whose purpose is to embitter the lives of asylum seekers. Not only is it cruel, it is also unnecessary because there are no more new “infiltrators”. The many unanswered asylum requests should be addressed immediately. That’s the right thing to do. “

Raz added today to Srugim: “I am against the law. It is an immoral and ineffective law. I still believe that the interior minister will not bring it to a vote in the Knesset.”

(Photo: Ministry of the Interior)

Extension of the law for another four years

The temporary provision of the law to prevent infiltration that Shaked wants to pass actually seeks to extend the validity of three amendments to the law in a temporary provision for another four years.

Under the Temporary Provision, the law allows for geographical and economic restrictions to be imposed on infiltrators including fines on their employers as well as to hold them in legal custody of infiltrators facilities for a longer period of time. The temporary provisions of the amendments that Shaked is requesting to extend are coming to an end on 10.12.2021. For now, it seems that Shaked will have a hard time forming a majority for the move due to the fact that Meretz opposes the law.

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