The next Windows 11 update.. 5 expected features

The next Windows 11 update.. 5 expected features

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Last Thursday, Microsoft released the Windows 11 cumulative update Windows 11 22H2 KB5022360, which includes 15 fixes.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

This update is part of Microsoft’s monthly update C for January 2022, allowing users to test out the upcoming fixes in February named 2023 Patch Tuesday.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

It also addresses an issue that affects and prevents image files you find using taskbar search from opening, searches for a file based on file contents, and other issues.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

In addition, Microsoft has rolled out some big updates for Windows Insiders, allowing them to try out these features before the final rollout. Microsoft uses the Moment codename to introduce new features and improvements to Windows 11 in version 22H2.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

Below we will mention 5 of the possible features that will be available in the upcoming Windows 11 update:The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

1- Optimized taskbar for tabletsThe Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

Microsoft will introduce an improved taskbar for Windows 11 tablets, and this bar will appear in two different modes: Collapsed mode and Expanded mode. The taskbar in expanded mode features larger icons that are easier to click on with touch. In folded mode, most of the icons will disappear, and only essential icons, such as the battery indicator, will appear. You can also switch between the two states of the taskbar by swiping up or down.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

2- Tabbed interface in the Notepad applicationThe Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

Microsoft added tabs to the File Explorer app in Windows 11 22H2 update last year. It is possible that tabs will be added to Notepad as well. Microsoft is currently testing Notepad tabs as part of its Windows Insiders beta program, and there’s a good chance they’ll be available in upcoming Moment updates.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

Just as File Explorer lets you open multiple tabs within it, Notepad’s tabbed interface will allow you to open multiple folders in a single application window so that each folder has a tab, making it easier for you to switch between them rather than opening a new application window for each.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

3- Animated icons in the Settings appThe Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

The addition of animated icons in the Settings app may be a feature coming to Windows 11. Each animated icon will have a unique visual effect that matches the nature of the icon. For example: The Windows Update icon will rotate whenever you click on it, while the Network & internet icon will fill up when you click on it.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

4- Recommendations about the condition of the batteryThe Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

Microsoft has also added a new page in the Settings app that includes recommendations about battery health, as it aims to help you conserve battery power in general. These recommendations include: shortening the screen time, adjusting sleep settings, using dark mode, and other battery settings that extend the life of the battery.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

5- Add a screen recording toolThe Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

Microsoft has added the Snipping Tool app to Windows 11 to use it to take a screenshot. It is possible that the function of this application will not be limited to that in the future, as Microsoft is currently testing the ability to create screen recordings in the Snipping Tool application within its Windows Insiders trial program via the Dev channel, and it is possible that the new version of the Snipping Tool application will be equipped with a screen recording tool. In the next update.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

This application will allow you to select a portion of the screen that you want to record before your computer starts recording. After the recording is complete, you can preview, save, and share the clip.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

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