The NFL lands in Madrid

The NFL lands in Madrid

Destroying cold and a brilliant sun that could not be able to color the field of the Osos de Madrid in Rivas, one of the capital’s American football teams. However, and for just one day, the venue becomes a piece of Chicago. An endless number of men and women dressed in Bears kits, one of the most famous teams in the NFL, the American football league. Only English is spoken and the balls start to fly very soon while the coaches instruct the assistants to carry out the relevant exercises. Even the Olympic medalist appears Saul Craviotto because of the place, no one wants to miss the show.

The strange combination is due to the fact that the NFL, for a year, has been developing a plan to present its league and sport to Europe. Almost as if it were an imperialist movement, the 32 league franchises divided up the countries of the Old Continent to expand the business, since despite being a successful sports product, American football is only practiced regularly on the other side of the pond. , and it is a dynamic that Roger Goodell, president of the organization, has proposed to change. And the Chicago Bearstogether to the Miami DolphinsThey will be in charge of bringing it to Spain.

Americans understand that it is the youngest who can help them achieve their purpose and that is why more than 120 children participated in the different activities that the Bears had prepared. Adding to the fun, always with a ball in hand, the pups had two elite emcees. Out of all those present, by abysmal difference, stood out: robert garzaBears player for nearly a decade and 2007 NFL runner-up.

«The NFL wants American football to grow in Spain. This year there are going to be seven games in Europe and hopefully one can be played here as soon as possible,” the center explained to ABC in practically perfect Spanish because, despite being born in the state of Texas, his roots are in Mexico. His role is that of ambassador but he soon gets wet in the face of the Super Bowl next Sunday. «I played all my life in the National Conference and I go with the Eagles. It’s going to be a very close game, with the two best quarterbacks of the moment (Mahomes and Hurts) facing each other. The key will be in the defensive line”, argues Garza.

While the former player carefully observes how the youngest absorb knowledge, there is a man who does not stop, from here to there and always willing to give advice to one of the children. He is Gustavo Silvia, the man who has been entrusted with the project of promoting American football in Spain and with extensive experience in training players in the United States. “This program has been very successful in the United States and we want to replicate it here. The only thing missing is having a chance in Spain. If people meet him, they will fall in love. Here you devote a lot to the sport, I hope that soon you will have an NFL game so that you can see first-hand how great this sport is.


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