the nightmare of French motorists forced to pay astronomical fines in London

the nightmare of French motorists forced to pay astronomical fines in London
To circulate in the center of London, certain vehicles must pay a daily tax, under penalty of penalties. Paul /

INVESTIGATION – After having traveled in the United Kingdom, thousands of French people have received traffic tickets that are problematic to say the least.

British getaways that have something to leave a bitter taste. Since October, thousands of French people who have stayed in the United Kingdom have been receiving strange traffic ticket letters. For those who are used to crossing the Channel, the collection letters sometimes form a veritable sheaf at the bottom of the mailbox.

What is reproached to the hexagonal drivers? Not having registered their vehicle online before entering a “ultra low emission zone(ULEZ) in which the most polluting vehicles are taxed. In London, where most of the affected motorists have been driving, petrol vehicles in Euro class below 4 and diesel vehicles in Euro class below 6 must pay a daily charge of £12.5 to drive in the center. In theory, if the motorist fails to pay the charge, the penalty is £160 – or £80 if payment is made within 14 days.

Astronomical sums

Marie* is French. She has lived in London for two years. At the time of…

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