The ‘noir’ lives in Ladispoli, in a mysterious villa – A large villa in Ladispoli, inhabited by a mysterious old lady, a disturbing supernatural aura, the recognition of a forgotten daughter, a Japanese friend who prepares miso soup. And a shattered corpse, half of which is missing. These are the ingredients of “Poison me in winter”, by Luciana Crucitti, second novel in the series “Geneva and the Hawk”, starring Ginevra Blanch, head of the Cold Case International Scientific Investigation Department, which has Aghir as its ‘assistant’.

The thriller starts with a thriller in the yellow, the disappearance of Geneva, from which the plot unfolds with an interrupted narrative tension. Luciana Crucitti knows what she’s talking about: she is an investigative criminologist and judicial graphologist. Professions from which he draws the highly reliable realism that underpins his fictional invention and which he had already shown in the first chapter of the saga, “Crimes of Lake Sol”, where the investigation focuses on the disappearance of five people in Switzerland.

Here we are instead in surroundings of Rome, in those somewhat caciaroni places of summer beaches, which appear instead in a pale, sinister autumnal light to frame the gloomy unfolding of the story. The amorous passion between Ginevra and her deputy, the Colombian investigator Gabriel Delgado, plays in the background. A thread of eroticism that adds passion to the strong emotions of these pages.



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