The Nolotil drug leaflet does NOT warn about its serious harm

The Nolotil drug leaflet does NOT warn about its serious harm

2023-06-02 13:30:33

do you read the prospects of the medicines? Many people do not read them before taking them or read them and get scared and do not have the necessary care.

Hay dangerous drugs like Nolotil (best seller in Spain while it is prohibited in dozens of countries) whose serious damages are NOT described in the leaflet, only in its technical data sheet. This is the one to read.

Says the Datasheet from Nolotil:

...presents a risk of agranulocitosiswhich is rare but can put the patient’s life at risk.
This risk is not dose-dependent and may occur at any time during treatment, and even in patients who have previously received metamizole without experiencing this adverse reaction.«.

This only appears on the technical sheet, NOT in the leaflet. So it’s very clear that it puts it on the file:

the effects of this medicine are unpredictable. Come on, a time bomb, because you take it the same and nothing happens to you, what kills you

I find it incredible that a painkiller (which is NOT an essential medicine to cure diseases), can take your life and, on top of that, it is the best-selling medicine (not only analgesic, but the drug)! spain!

Yes, it has ceased to be marketed in many countries and in others, such as the United Kingdomwas never commercialized since they based their decision on the information that was available (the risk of agranulocitosis -lowers the action of the immune system-), and therefore, death, which is why other countries had already withdrawn it.

USA withdrew it in 1977 and Sweden He withdrew it in 1974, then reintroduced it in 1995, only to rule it out again shortly after, as there were more cases of the aforementioned agranulocytosis.

Nolotil is banned in about 40 countries. And it is worth asking: What mechanisms does the floating population have, the one that comes to our country but does not reside here, to find out about it?: NONE.

There would have to be mechanisms in the country of origin and in the country of destination. Before traveling to Spain, foreigners should be told: Be careful, they put Nolotil to the minimum there…

In Spain, the medical associations and the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) do not inform Neither professionals nor the population about this.

He Buffet Almodóvar & Jara We have a collaboration agreement with the Association of People Affected by Drugs of Cristina to uncover the Nolotil case and help their victims. Any kind of help will be welcome 😉

You can read everything we are publishing on this matter in these lines.

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