The Nordic countries plan to create a joint air force to contain the threat from Russia

The Nordic countries plan to create a joint air force to contain the threat from Russia

Commanders of the Air Force Sweden, Norway, Finland y Denmark have announced this Friday the signing of a declaration of intent to create a unified nordic air defense In order to counteract the growing threat from russia. The agreement seeks to organize its forces so that they are capable of operating jointly, as is done under the umbrella of the I’LL TAKEas stated by the armed forces of the four countries. The decision to integrate its air forces is a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February of last year, according to the commander of the Danish air force, Maj. Gen. Jan Dam.

“Our combined fleet can be compared to a big european countryDam said. Norway has 57 fighter jets F-16 and 37 combat aircraft F-35 with 15 more of the latter on the way. Finland has orders for 62 aircraft F/A-18 Hornet y 64 F-35, while Denmark has orders for 58 F-16s and 27 F-35s. Sweden has more than 90 aircraft Gripens. It was not clear how many of those planes are currently operational.

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At the signing of the agreement, staged last week at the ramstein air base (Germany), attended by the head of the NATO Air Command, General James Hecker, who also oversees the US Air Force in the region. Sweden and Finland applied to join the Atlantic Alliance last year. But the process has been delayed by the reluctance of Turkeywhich together with Hungary has yet to ratify the accession.

Nordic air force commanders first discussed closer cooperation at a meeting in November in Sweden. “We would like to see if we can further integrate our airspace surveillance In order to use the data from the surveillance radar systems each other and use them collectively,” Dam said.


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