The north of Europe invests, the south saves

The north of Europe invests, the south saves

2023-11-21 09:22:10

People from the north of Europe and the south differ not only in their culinary preferences, but also in their relationship to money. When it comes to investing, Scandinavians are particularly willing to take risks and like to invest in stocks or funds. In countries further south, on the other hand, people rely more on lower-risk savings than on investments. These are the results of a representative survey by the financial service provider Klarna in twelve European countries among more than 12,000 people, which are available to the FAZ in advance. At least 1,000 people were selected for each country by the research agency Nepa, including Klarna users and those who are not.

In the survey, well over a third of respondents in Norway (45 percent) said they invested their money. In Sweden it was 42 percent and Finland 38 percent. According to Klarna, the north is clearly in first place in Europe when it comes to investing capital in stocks or bonds with the aim of making a return. Investments also mean a certain willingness to take risks. However, the further south you go geographically, the more the willingness to invest decreases. Germany is in the middle with 30 percent, followed by Belgium with 29 percent and the Netherlands, England and Portugal with 27 percent each. Around a quarter of those surveyed invest in Italy (26 percent) and Spain (24 percent).

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