“The number 1 on TV called me.” Mara Venier ‘trembles’. Who is?

“The number 1 on TV called me.”  Mara Venier ‘trembles’.  Who is?

2023-10-01 16:05:33

Fabrizio Corona and the phone call “with the number 1 on TV” sends Mara Venier into fibrillation in today’s episode of Domenica In, 1 October 2023. The former VIP photographer, protagonist of a long interview, reveals a conversation he recently had with a well-known TV personality. The details provide an identikit that the presenter tries to ‘stop’ at the last minute.

“A character who was like me called me, when he was 35-40 years old… Then he stopped, today he is the best character on Italian television… He is number 1 on Italian television”. Don’t name names “For goodness sake, I love him… he sends me a message and says ‘I saw you last night in Belve and he tells me something in Sicilian”, says Corona, providing a non-negligible detail.

Then, Corona approaches Mara Venier to whisper the phrase ‘in Sicilian. The microphones clearly pick up the words ‘they’ll suck it’. “You can’t say that!”, repeats the presenter, while Corona continues with the story. “I call this character and ask him something. ‘When I watch TV programs at night, Instagram, newspapers… I know all the characters by heart. You, who are over 60, how did you manage to find this serenity? You were worse than me, now you have found peace…’.. He explained it to me, he is happy and serene. I envy him, but I say to myself… if I reach 60 with this life, I prefer to die first,” says Corona.

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