The number of infections dates back to South Tyrol: 7 new cases and 13 antigenic tests. But fortunately no deaths – Chronicle

BOLZANO. In the last 24 hours, the laboratories of the health company carried out 449 PCR swabs and registered 7 new positive cases. In addition 13 positive antigen tests. At the provincial level to date (July 16) a total of 602,690 swabs have been carried out on 225,866 people. Fortunately there are no new deaths. However, the Rt index in South Tyrol is growing, which is in a moderate risk area.

The numbers in brief:

Test PCR:

Swabs made yesterday (July 15): 449

New cases tested positive by PCR: 7

Number of people tested positive by PCR for coronavirus: 48.777

Total number of swabs performed: 602.690

Number of people subjected to the PCR test: 225,866 (+142)

Test antigenici:

Total number of antigen tests: 1.600.242

Number of people tested positive by antigen tests: 26.292

Antigenic tests performed yesterday: 2.194

Number of people tested positive by antigen tests: 13

Nasal tests performed up to 15.07.2021: 786.136 total tests, 924 positive results, of which 395 confirmed, 346 negative PCR, 183 awaiting the result or to be verified.

Other data:

Covid-19 patients admitted to normal hospital wards: 5

Covid-19 patients in isolation in the Colle Isarco and Sarnes facilities: 0

Number of Covid patients admitted to intensive care units: 0

Total deaths (including retirement homes): 1,182 (+0)

People in quarantine / home isolation: 396

Persons who have completed quarantine and home isolation: 136,954

Persons to whom compulsory quarantine or isolation measures have so far been imposed: 137,350

Total healed: 73,731 (+13)

Test positive collaborators / collaborators of the Health Authority: 2,043, of these 1,681 recovered. General practitioners and pediatricians of free choice: 58, of these 46 recovered (as of 13.05.2021)


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