The Nuova Era Museum reopens and restarts from the design of the Sid & Sign studio

twelve o’clock, 10 March 2021 – 17:59

Founded by Sissy Daniele in Gioia del Colle, the design studio offers flexible and imaginative forms, which reinterpret roots and traditions in an original way

of Marilena Di Tursi

The first gallery to get back on track with a non-virtual opening, the Nuova Era Museum in Bari presents an exhibition dedicated to design from 6 March. On stage Sid & Sign, a design studio founded by Sissy Daniele based in Gioia del Colle. The designer, with a refined training on her creative debut in the field of fashion, brings from the sector of origin the ability to force materials to produce boldly ductile shapes. For example, by bending a sheet metal to make a curl that becomes the back of an armchair or a sofa in the Shh-cattata series, where even the name plays ironically to suggest, in the use of the exploded vernacular, the creative process that concerns it. Almost a baroque volute, the curator Alfio Cangiani warns, although reread and dried by a minimal draft. Sometimes oriental references emerge in the sheets pleated like origami, unique surfaces without joints characterized only by pleats that follow the standard shape of a seat and entrust it to a renewed and more dynamic relationship with space. Cartoccio also works with the same dynamics, nomen omen for a sideboard that ends not with ordinary profiles but with a decomposed volute, the terminal element of a container which, instead, expresses its intended use in more regular volumes in the lower part. On this double register of decorative levity and rigorous functionality, Sissy Daniele also includes a detailed study of materials. With the latest productions, the Dieus series of lights in which marble structures are deprived of the heaviness effect. The identity matrix is ​​also evident, expressed with frugal citations in the Trullight line, barely obsequious in recalling the silhouettes of trulli, resolved in any case in an autonomous form with respect to inspiration. Or in the Ikigai lamp, with a fishing net that holds the light. The theme treated in a symbolic key also in the #siamoqui library, mimicking the pointers that indicate the location in digital maps. A luminous structure traces its profile and ends up not on a cartography but firmly planted in a boulder. Read metaphorically it declares its anchorage to the territory and programmatically refers to a sustainable design, not only in the materials and in the manufacturing processes, but in the possibility of preserving the memory of forms and places.

March 10, 2021 | 17:59

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