The ombudsman will announce an indictment against Deri later this week

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Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is expected to announce by the end of the week his decision to file an indictment against MK Aryeh Deri for tax offenses, following the hearing held in the former minister’s case in recent months. This is what our commentator Mordechai Gilat published today (Thursday) here on Net B.

The investigation against Deri was opened five years ago, and also included a suspicion of bribery that the case in his case was closed at the stage of the police recommendations. The three cases of tax offenses in which Deri is suspected remain, and last January Mandelblit decided to prosecute the Shas chairman subject to a hearing. Deri claimed even then that he had not committed any criminal offense, and said before the hearing: “He is convinced that it will also be decided to close the case regarding tax offenses, after all the facts have been presented to the attorney general.”

The three cases against Deri:

Givat Shaul deal According to the State Attorney’s Office, “This case concerns a real estate transaction from 2013, in which Minister Deri sold his brother Shlomo Deri a property in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem, where construction began on a five-apartment residential building. Depending on the evidence gathered, the reports submitted to real estate tax authorities as part of the transaction reporting forms (NIS), as well as the sale contract attached to the report, included allegedly false representations, including the amount of consideration in the transaction, reverse transaction date and presentation of the lot sold as vacant. As an emerging residential building. “

Revenue from Green Ocean Green Ocean was a financial investment fund in the United States. According to the suspicion, in 2011 Green Ocean began paying Minister Deri a fundraising fee for raising an investor for the fund. The evidence shows that according to Minister Deri’s order, starting in January 2013, when he returned to political life, Minister Deri ordered Green Ocean to transfer the amounts of commissions to which he was entitled to his brother Shlomo. Accordingly, between the years 2015-2013, Shlomo Deri was paid NIS 630,000 against alleged “consulting” invoices produced by the law firm of Shlomo Deri.

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Income from a subsidiary of Egged and the next Moshe According to the prosecution, “According to the suspicion, in 2012 Minister Deri provided consulting and marketing services for a joint venture of businessman Moshe Haba and Egged Transportation Company. This salary, which is taxable, was not reported in the personal reports of Minister Deri or of the company he owns for income tax. It was reported to the income tax. “

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