The oncologist told what simple products will replace vitamins from the pharmacy

A balanced diet that includes a range of specific foods is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of cancer.

According to oncologist and surgeon Ivan Karasev, more than 4,500 scientific studies have been conducted, where doctors assessed the effect of nutrition on cancer incidence.

“The consumption of vegetables and fruits alone reduces the incidence of cancer by 20 percent,” the doctor said on his Instagram account, adding that there is evidence that folate also protects DNA from carcinogens. In this connection, the oncologist advised to regularly eat green leafy vegetables, oranges and legumes.

The mineral selenium has been proven to slow the growth of tumors. It is found in whole grains, as well as brightly colored vegetables and fruits with carotenoids, the doctor said.

“The true effect is not in vitamin preparations, but in the consumption of the right food,” Ivan Karasev emphasized, advising not to burden oneself with countless vitamin and mineral supplements, taking care of health and protection from cancer.

The oncologist noted that quitting smoking and alcohol reduces the risk of cancer by up to 70 percent.



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