The operations do not stop in the city!

The operations do not stop in the city!

“In Chimborazo there is a high rate of artisan liquor sales,” said the commissioner.
Riobamba/ The ‘hot’ areas of the ‘Sultana de los Andes’ are points where the greatest number of criminal acts are displayed, and among them we find: the Polytechnic, May 24, La Paz, La Dolorosa, La Condamine, Plaza Alfaro; However, they are those sectors in which the greatest attention is paid to carry out operations and combat insecurity, for this reason they are deployed to visit these areas, where there are a large number of libadores in public spaces and, with them, various spaces of tolerance, as well as stores that sell alcoholic beverages. The operations do not stop in the city!

Given this, Ana Francisca Sanaguano, national police commissioner of the Riobamba canton, expressed: “in Calpi fifty liters of artisan liquor were seized, in addition to the summons of five premises, generally in these operations the operating permits, products expired and that there is no sale of homemade alcohol”, adding that this also provides security, since it prevents it from being marketed to minors or putting people’s lives at risk.

Namely. In the sector that goes from Miguel Ángel León avenue to El Espectador passage there is a higher number of crime incidences: in the first instance due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, for this reason various calls are received in which information about clandestine parties is received , street fights and young people are vulnerable to crime, “that is why the operations are carried out specifically in these places to, in some way, combat violence”, emphasizing that security is built jointly between the Police, the community and the authorities, concluded Sanaguano.

operational. After the meeting with the officials and the National Police, the sectors are divided to deploy the preventive and control operations in which tolerance centers, establishments and public spaces are visited, in this way being three in the morning of Sunday the 19th of In March, the El Batán sector received an alarm from a party held in honor of a saint; However, the situation was controlled, but then more noise was heard, for which they approached another place in the area and it was a party that did not have the pertinent permits, requesting the departure of the young people and drinks were confiscated alcoholic.


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