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Filippo Anelli, president of the National Federation of the Order of Doctors, explained that a bureaucratic catch prevents them from banning no vax doctors: even those who make propaganda against vaccines

The president of the National Federation of the Order of Doctors explained that a bureaucratic problem it prevents, in fact, from radiare i medici no vax, even those who “make propaganda against vaccines.”

“We can’t get rid of them,” Filippo Anelli told the Huffington Post. «We try but they appeal and the sanction is suspended, it never becomes effective », because the Commission called to examine the appeal and decide on the radiation proposed by the competent Medical Association “It expired in 2020”.

The organ that Anelli speaks about is the Central Commission for Health Professionals, a body of special jurisdiction established at the Ministry of Health whose members are appointed by decree of the President of the Council of Ministers.

With the expiry of the Commission in 2020, the proceedings remain suspended in a kind of limbo.

This explains the public provocations of those who know that they cannot, at least for the moment, be subject to disciplinary sanctions – rings clarifies.

To date, Anelli continues, «about 1,500 doctors are still unvaccinated“. Not all are “no vax”, at least “30% of these have already booked vaccination”: but a portion that Rings identify in “about 0.1-0.2 percent” is formed by “no vax hard and pure”.

And therefore the apparent inertia does not depend on the will of the medical orders but on the slowness of the government in setting up the new Commission which will have the task of judging the work of these doctors.

The slowness in the timing of the radiation of the “no vax” health professionals was also reported in this article in the Corriere: the doctors to whom a recall is made, it was explained, often “deny and immediately retrace their steps in order not to have problems, for example postponing a questionnaire in which they say they are against no vax theories ».

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