“The pandemic requires new skills and new forms of work,” says Draghi

Time.news – “I care about dialogue and confrontation with trade unions”. The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, opens his speech with these words, which is a prelude to the signing of the ‘Pact for the innovation of public work and social cohesion’ at Palazzo Chigi. From Friday, Minister Brunetta announced that negotiations will open for the contract renewal of public employment.

Draghi underlines: “The pandemic and the NRP require new professional skills. Smart working has changed the way we work. We need to invest in training. The average age of the civil service is 51 years old. In 2001 he was 43 years old. There is a lot to do in the public sector, because if public services don’t work, a more unjust society is created. The pandemic has revealed the centrality of the public sector “.

For Draghi “the pandemic and the relaunch and resilience plan require new skills and new forms of work. New skills require investments and new rules. This is what we are starting today”.

“If the PA works – says Draghi – society works, and if it doesn’t work, society becomes more fragile and more unjust. This is always true and with the pandemic it is even more true “.

For the training of the public administration “a good 48 euros are spent, and I say this ironically, and only one day is spent on the training of public personnel”.

Draghi adds: “The average age of staff today is 50, almost 51 years, 20 years ago it was 43, from a demographic point of view, for reasons that come from distant events, there has been a progressive weakening of the structure. demographic of the PA “.

Draghi thanked the trade unions: “During the consultations I was able to express to you how much I care about this confrontation and this dialogue. Today is the first formal occasion, after the formation of the government, for which I thank you very much”.

Brunetta: pact with the PA to lay the foundations for the new Italy

“With today’s signing we want to lay the foundations for the construction of a new Italy, starting from the intuitions of Carlo Azeglio Ciampi to start a path that invests in the social partners, in innovation. It is the spirit of the time that must be recovered and that I personally remember for the honor I had to be able to make my contribution as an advisor to the Presidency of the Council of the time “: this was stated by the Minister for Public Administration Renato Brunetta at the signing ceremony of the” Pact for the innovation of public work and social cohesion “with Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the trade unions.

Landini: “A very important and significant phase is opening up”

“A very important and significant phase is opening”: said the leader of the CGIL Maurizio Landini at the signing ceremony of the “Pact for the innovation of public work and social cohesion” with President Draghi, the Minister for Public Administration Renato Brunette. “Very well – he explains – the news that the minister anticipated us, that is that after this Pact, a confrontation has already started on Friday which, on the merits, directly involves all the trade unions to enter into the merits of the commitments indicated here”.

According to Landini it is very significant “investing in training, enhancing bargaining. It is a great day: this method of comparison is important for us because it will not only have to address the issue of public work”.



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