The parallel laws of the Camorra

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twelve o’clock, November 19, 2021 – 07:26

from Fortunato Cerlino

Ennio looks around bewildered. Even when he crossed the threshold of the gate of the villa he felt lost. It even seemed to him that the life-size statues of two lions placed under the central staircase wanted to tear him apart. At the entrance he was searched, then he was shown the chair where he has been waiting to be received for about ten minutes. The heavy crystal chandelier on the ceiling, the damask wallpaper, the gigantic mirror resting on the Louis XVI sideboard, everything in that environment makes him uncomfortable. Twice tempted to escape, then remembered why there.
Don Luciano is waiting for you.
Ennio’s heart beats wildly as he crosses the threshold of the studio. He understands well that after that meeting his life will change forever. Don Luciano welcomes him with open arms. Rising from the leather armchair behind the imposing desk he goes to meet Ennio and embraces him, kissing him on the cheeks. The boss may be in his early twenties, but his way of acting is that of a man aware of his power.

Ennio Sabatino… you asked to meet me, like that. Ennio limits himself to a shy smile. I ‘or I know what you are thinking. But what am I doing at this house? I am an honest man, these are criminals of the worst kind….

I really… Ennio stammers. Luciano stops him with a quick wave of his hand.

In my territory it is done in the old fashioned way. My father, good soul, taught me that. Lucia ‘, never bother those who work honestly and want to stay out of our business. Although, dear Ennio, I must confess that sooner or later everyone is forced to knock on my door. Luciano goes back behind the desk. Do you believe me if I tell you that I don’t like it? Do me ‘na thing dinto’ or stomach when someone like you is forced to turn to someone like me. But what do we want to do if only we are able to defend honest people? Let’s take your case for example … ‘these gypsies who have occupied your house, do you think you’ll ever see them kicked in the ass by the law?

Ennio surprised by the fact that the boss already knows his situation: I want to tell you, without any offense of course, that I tried to contact the carabinieri, but ….

And what can the carabinieri do? Nothing! the boss interrupts him again. The law is of no use to fucking cu ‘and gypsies.

Indeed. The lawyer explained to me that….

What do you have to sue ?. Luciano laughs plateally. And keep it a place to stay for the next two or three years, if that’s okay with you, while those ticks infest your house? What then I did not fail to say that they hunt them, and do you know why ?. The boss opens the civil code on his desk. Sin Italian law protects the possession more of the property. Do you know what that means ?. Scroll a few lines with your finger. Possession is that relationship between a subject and the thing that is at that moment in its material availability … practically holds more right to your home than you, who are the rightful owner.

But the owner being the one who uses the thing as if he were the owner, regardless of whether he is or not, protected. Not even you can change a lock, as in addition to violating the possession of others, you would also be a crime of abusive exercise of your reasons, as a law prohibits taking justice on your own. Even if we assume that he wins because of it, years go by before they get rid of them, perhaps because they put an invalid inside. And then do you know who pays the court costs? You! Sin and gypsies will declare that they have no property! Ennio covers his face with his hands to hide his desperation. Don’t worry Ennio. You contacted me and we will fix it in 24 hours. You see, it is in situations like these that people understand how necessary we are. the state that sponsors us, sin where its laws are useless, we enforce ours! What are we doing? Shall we proceed?

Ennio looks disconsolate at the young boss.

And with you how much it costs me ‘is what ?.

The smiling boss approaches him again and hugs him in a fraternal embrace. No Ennio, but you think so. Your gratitude is enough for us at the right moment.

November 19, 2021 | 07:26

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