The parties that negotiate the government in Germany want to take office in early December | Beginning of formal negotiations to agree on a coalition

The three parties working to form the next governing coalition in Germany They said this Thursday that they want the current Finance Minister, the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, to take office as chancellor in the week of December 6. “The timetable is ambitious,” said Volker Wissing, general secretary of the Liberals, at the start of formal negotiations to agree a coalition with the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens.

“Germany needs to have a stable government as soon as possible”Wissing assured. The three political formations have very different programs and, since the beginning of October, they have been trying to form an unprecedented coalition without Angela Merkel’s conservatives, who recorded the worst result in their history in the September 26 legislative elections.

The inauguration of the new government will mark the definitive end of the Merkel era, who has been in charge of the Chancellery for 16 years and leading the policies of the European Union. Last Friday, the parties laid the foundations for their future alliance by presenting a preliminary 12-page government agreement, which sets out the main points of understanding and the reforms they want to carry out in the next four years.

Among other topics They agreed not to raise taxes, respect debt limits or advance the abandonment of coal as an energy source in 2030. However, there are several issues to be clarified, such as the financing of the investments demanded by the greens and the SPD, while the liberals demand that the budgetary limits be strictly respected.

The pre-agreement signed between the three parties leaves room for interpretations in the section entitled “Investments for the future.” The 2020s must be oriented towards a policy that “clearly increases public and private investment,” the document states.

The secretary general of the Social Democrats, Lars Klingbeil, explained that next Wednesday they will begin to examine each issue individually, with a view to set positions before November 10 that will later be analyzed by the main negotiators of the three matches.

Scholz, the last Finance Minister Angela Merkel, had repeatedly pointed out the will to have a new government “before Christmas”. The allusion to that date has a special meaning in Germany. On the one hand, it embodies the will not to perpetuate negotiating; on the other, it would leave Merkel without Helmut Kohl’s record of tenure in power.



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