The past returns to El Escorial with a look “from below” of the best novelists of the genre




The summer course organized by the Association of Writers with History in San Lorenzo del Escorial has become, due to the quality of the speakers and the interest of the public, a classic of the summer period and one of the most demanded in the catalog of the Complutense University. The writers Antonio Pérez Henares and Emilio Lara, director and secretary of the course respectively, have planned a course for this edition that focuses on the daily life of ordinary people, those who do not usually appear in history books but contributed, as those who most, to change events.

Under the title ‘The history of the battles here. The life of the peoplea series of conferences will be held between July 20 and 22 in San Lorenzo del Escorial from the perspective of “history from below”, that is, centered on the modus vivendi of the generality of people, on their emotions, feelings and imaginary, expressed in literature, art, everyday objects, performing arts, fashion, food, housing, etc.

«We want the best historical novel writers to tell what it was like the life of the people from the Paleolithic. That just doesn’t give more clues to history than simply telling battles », explains Antonio Pérez Henares, who in addition to directing the course he will be one of the authors who will take the floor.

Interview with Antonio Pérez Henares. – Jose Ramon Ladra

Beyond the great events, Santiago Posteguillo will talk about the nine centuries of Roman life and its influence, Elizabeth San Sebastian will focus on life on foot in times of the Asturian Kingdom and Juan Eslava Galan will reconstruct with words the imperial experience of the Madrid of the Habsburgs. Prehistory, Al-Andalus, the border of the Reconquest or the 19th century will be other historical periods explored in this interdisciplinary course that seeks to transfer History to students so that they ‘feel it’, so that reason and emotions intertwine for once in a perfect dance.

Prehistory, Al-Andalus, the border of the Reconquest or the 19th century will be other historical periods explored in this interdisciplinary course

The Complutense University course It is organized by the Asociación Escritores con la Historia, which works to spread a history of Spain without the usual clichés and myths. «Spanish society needs to rediscover its collective past because it is totally embarrassing that a nation like Spain is ashamed of its history. From nursery school to university, like here, this failure in society must be confronted with rigor and truth”, says the director of the course about the purpose of this association.

Among the authors who will take the floor in the headquarters of the Royal University College María Cristina They include Jesús Sánchez Adalid, Manuel Pimentel, José Ángel Mañas, Santiago Posteguillo, Almudena de Arteaga and the archaeologist Enrique Baquedano. Emilio Lara, writer and secretary of the course, will teach the course ‘Life and changes in modern Spain in the 18th century’. An emotional and historical approach to the past for all ages and levels of knowledge, from the scholar to the amateur.

The registration period is still open for anyone who wants to attend.

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