The pastry art of the Fiasconaro “flies” into space with Parmitano-


On August 18, the Fiasconaro masters will try their hand at creations inspired by the moon, while the astronaut will receive the Gal Hassin award

Astronomy and pastry. Two words that rhyme but have nothing to do. Yet, for an evening that promises to be stellar, the connection is there. It happens in Castelbuono (Palermo), where on 18 August to the Cloister of San Francesco, an extraordinary event is staged. Title: Pastry art beyond the confines of space.

It therefore happens that the great pastry chefs try their hand here in confectionery creations inspired not by the stars but directly by the moon. After all, guest star of the evening will be right the astronaut Luca Parmitano (born in Paternò / ​​Catania), which reaches the slopes of the Madonie above all to receive a prize. In Isnello (not far from Castelbuono) there is in fact the Gal Hassin International Center for Astronomical Sciences. The village received the certification for the most beautiful starry sky in Italy from the Fundacìon of the Instituto de astrofisica de canarias, in Spain.

To Parmitano, therefore, he goes the Gal Hassin Award 2022. In addition, the astronaut will also be awarded the honorary citizenship of Isnello. Meanwhile in Castelbuono, a small pastry capital thanks to the award-winning business of the three Fiasconaro brothers, preparations are underway for the “sweet” and “lunar” welcome reserved for the guest of honor.

In addition to the Fiasconaro (Martino, Fausto and Nicola, the pastry chef) playing at home, the Cloister of San Francesco brings together the elite of the pastry shop: Giuseppe Amato (born in Taormina), awarded as the best pastry chef in the world 2021. Amato is the head of the pastry shop of the La Pergola restaurant (Rome), 3 Michelin stars . With him also the team of the Italian team at the Coup du monde de la patisserie 2021 in Lyon.

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