The pathological findings from the scene of Yafit Forian’s murder

The Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court yesterday extended the detention of Shai Salmi, the husband of Yipit Purian, who is hospitalized in serious condition, after allegedly murdering his wife and the mother of his children in their apartment in Rehovot on Rosh Hashanah, and then setting fire to the apartment they were staying in, but in view of the serious condition of Salmi At this stage it is impossible to back up Salmi’s testimony about the murderous incident, this morning (Tuesday) a chain of findings were revealed here that according to a senior official in the investigation team confirm the suspicion.

According to the pathological findings, Forian died from a severe stabbing in her neck, a stabbing that caused her death, it also appears that there were other, more superficial stabbing marks on her body. Also, according to a senior source in the investigation, the findings confirm that only after Furian’s murder was the couple’s apartment set on fire.

These findings, according to the senior official, strengthen the version that this was a well-planned murder by Furian’s husband, now the police are waiting for an update on the condition of the husband Salmi, who is suspected of murder, in order to confront him with the difficult findings from the scene where a suicide note was also found in the couple’s apartment, indicating an alleged motive for a brutal murder That was planned so it seems well and ahead of time.


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