The ‘Pazza Idea’ Festival kicks off in Cagliari, a ‘different look’ on our change

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The tenth edition of the ‘Pazza Idea’ festival, scheduled in the historic seat of the Art and Culture Center Il Ghetto, in the heart of Cagliari. An exhibition that even more than in the past “is aimed at contemporaneity with an alternative and open gaze to the possible” with a rich program of events that will run until November 28 in an attempt – the organizers explain – “to explore change” from that occurred “in our inner landscape” to the “suddenly compressed global scenario”.

As explained by Mattea Lissia, director of the Festival, the project pursues “stories, narratives, practical examples, encounters and comparisons with the involvement of different types of public on highly topical issues and always with a precise commitment on the rights front. But we want to explore also relationships, the points of fracture of identities and people, change, possibilities; with great attention to the theme of language, more careful communication, the rediscovery of ‘alternative’ ways to tell the world and people. “

In the calendar of meetings, workshops, readings, panels, screenings, lectio magistralis, there are many prominent names, from Stefano Bartezzaghi – involved in a lectio magistralis on creativity – to Jan Brokken, from Paolo Di Paolo to Michael Faber, of whom he has recently ‘D (A Story of Two Worlds)’ released.

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