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Andhra Pradesh Police have shared a video of primary school students who went to the police station seeking justice in the incident where a pencil went missing. The students went to the police station in droves and lodged a complaint against their classmate. The incident took place at Pedakaduburu police station in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

The complaint is that a child in the class took his pencil and did not return it. He did not give up despite repeated requests. With this, he gathered his friends and went to the nearby police station to lodge a complaint. Police were also shocked when a group of school children arrived at the station.

After finally talking to the two children, the police solved the problem. The video also shows a child asking to file a case against him. Eventually the dispute was resolved through discussion and the two left the station shaking hands. The video has been shared on the official page of the Andhra Police about how even primary school students trust the Andhra Police. Watch the video.


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