The person responsible would have been his girlfriend

The person responsible would have been his girlfriend
  • There are many adversities that all health professionals in Mexico must face and one of the biggest is insecurity.
  • Due to the high levels of violence in rural areas, it has been requested to abolish the social service in Medicine.
  • The story of a murdered doctor has filled the entire health union with sadness and more so because the probable person responsible would have been his own girlfriend.

Health professionals must face multiple risks in our country just to do their job. From low wages to having to deal with aggressive patients. It also influences the fact that hospital equipment is often old and archaic. While another factor that affects the entire population is the violence that remains out of control. The most recent case is that of a young doctor murdered in the north of the country.

Violence is becoming more serious throughout the country

In this sense, the outlook is not encouraging and in recent years attacks have increased. In fact, Currently, there are no longer safe spaces because there have even been attacks inside hospitals. But where attacks against health professionals are most common is in rural areas.

In places far from the cities is where there is the greatest risk because there are not enough security guarantees. To begin with, the police elements are insufficient and do not protect the people who require it.

In fact, it is one of the reasons why it has been requested to abolish the social service in Medicine. All students must allocate the last 12 months of their training to provide care in a health center. Some do it in one close to their home but there are others that are sent to remote places.

A twisted love story ends with a murdered doctor

Now, sometimes the motive behind the crimes is not money but love. All this leads to a case registered in Sonora and which had a fatal outcome. It all started on January 17 when Dr. Carlos Ignacio Ríos Basulto was last seen in the municipality of Cajeme.

After her sudden disappearance, her relatives launched a statewide search and brought the case to the authorities. Every day that passed, they hoped to find the doctor alive, but that was not the case.

Finally, on February 1, a half-buried corpse was located on the borders of Sonora and Sinaloa. According to the first investigations, it is considered that there is a high probability that it is that of the murdered doctor.

The body presents several bullet wounds that would have been responsible for causing the death of the victim. Although due to the state of decomposition it is very difficult to identify his identity with certainty. For the same reason, a comparative DNA test was ordered and the results would be ready in the next few days.

Now, this tragic story took a radical turn when the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office made an announcement through its social networks. It is about the arrest of Mildred “N” and Mario “N”, who are accused of being likely responsible for the forced disappearance of the doctor.

The authorities also indicated that the first was the sentimental partner of the murdered doctor. In fact, there is a hypothesis that she would be the intellectual author of the crime and everything would have been caused by jealousy. At the moment she remains detained and waiting to offer her statement, although the case has already generated sadness throughout the health union.

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