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The absence of alcoholic beverages in the diet has a beneficial effect on the body. Harriet Bradley, director of medical services at the Livi digital center, said this on Friday, October 1.

“A glass of wine at the end of a hard day’s work may sound great, but it can easily turn into even more if you feel stressed,” she said in the Daily Mail.

Therefore, according to the expert, in order to stop drinking alcohol on a regular basis, it is better to find the root cause.

She noted that in the absence of alcohol in the diet, the body already in the first week begins to feel much better: sleep becomes stronger, and efficiency also increases.

In the second week, according to the doctor, the body restores water balance, and acid reflux in the stomach improves.

In the third week, metabolism normalizes and weight decreases, as well as blood pressure stabilizes, Bradley said.

“In any case, you will be able to prove yourself as a strong-willed person, which will affect your health. In principle, a drinker from a non-drinker can be distinguished by eye, such people are noticeably different in appearance, “the expert concluded.

Earlier, on August 27, family psychotherapist Maya Medvedeva spoke about the dangers of drinking alcohol on weekends. So, drinking alcoholic beverages on weekends can lead to addiction and the inability to receive joyful emotions without them.

In order to avoid this addiction, she advised replacing alcohol consumption with another activity that can relax.

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