The Pixel 6a will also come with a Tensor processor, but with a lower quality camera

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Google is expected to launch a new device called the Pixel 6a within a few months, which will be a discounted version of its current flagship device, the Pixel 6. And now the leak concerning the hardware specifications is also joining in, further reinforcing the impression that the gap between the devices will be smaller than ever.

According to the report, the Pixel 6a will also be equipped with Google’s Tensor processor. This ensures the device impressive performance as well as high artificial intelligence capabilities to the market and it will enable exclusive Google services such as real-time translation and dictation without the need for a network connection.

The most significant compromise that Pixel 6a buyers will have to make will probably be in the main camera sensor, which will be replaced by a large and advanced 50-megapixel sensor made by Samsung, and a 12.2-megapixel sensor made by Sony. This is actually exactly the same sensor that Google has used on all the Pixel devices from the Pixel 3 model to the Pixel 5a. Google’s artificial intelligence capabilities are supposed to compensate to some extent for the weakness of the sensor and lens, with aggressive image processing that will still allow quality photography in the dark and digital zoom.

As for the other cameras in the device, these should be identical to the Pixel 6 models, with a 12-megapixel camera for super-wide photography, and a selfie camera with an 8-megapixel resolution.

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