The police are considering contacting the Ombudsman with a request to open an investigation against MK Rothman

The police announced today (Tuesday) that they are considering contacting the legal advisor to the government with a request to open an investigation against the member of the Knesset Simcha Rothman (religious Zionism). This, after she claimed he arrived at the Muslim cemetery in the old city with the aim of blowing the shofar and there he abused his immunity and illegally took his weapon from a detained person. As mentioned, these materials will be examined and examined by the police, and it was reported that as far as it is deemed appropriate, the police will contact the Legal Adviser to the Government with a request to open an investigation against him.

The case began after the Knesset member from the religious Zionist movement and another Knesset member arrived today along with other people at the Muslim cemetery near the Gate of Mercy, in order to blow the shofar. After their arrival, the police officer who was there, explained to them that they must act in accordance with the decision of the district court, which determined the exact place where it is permissible to blow the shofar near the slaughterhouse. According to the police, the group that gathered did not obey the police officers’ instructions “and began a deliberate provocation on the spot”.

In the meantime, after the group was already inside the Muslim House of Battles, the police detained three members of the group who arrived together with the members of the Knesset. During the delay, one of the suspects who carried a weapon with a license, was asked to hand over his personal weapon to the police officer, but refused. Afterwards, Knesset member Simcha Rotman suggested keeping the suspect’s weapon, although it was argued that this is not allowed. Despite the ban, MK Rothman took the suspect’s weapon, and only later arrived at the police station in Nablus and handed the weapon over to the police.


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