The police are considering opening an investigation against MK Simcha Rothman

Following an incident in the Old City – the police announced today (Tuesday) that they are considering contacting the attorney general with a request to open an investigation against MK Simcha Rotman from the religious Zionist movement. Rotman arrived together with MK from his party Michal Waldiger and another group of people to the Muslim cemetery near the Gate of Mercy and they They started blowing the shofar despite a court decision that this is forbidden.

The police claimed that one of the suspects in the act who was asked to hand over his personal weapon, refused to do so and Rothman offered to keep his weapon. The police stated that “even though a police officer made it clear to the two that it was forbidden to transfer the weapon to MK Rotman, MK Rotman took the weapon into his possession and only later arrived at the police station in the area where he handed the weapon over to the police.”

In the meantime, the police said that they will examine the materials from that incident, and as appropriate, an appeal will be made to the government ombudsman with a request to open an investigation against Rothman: “Unfortunately, at a time when Israel Police officers are deployed throughout the country and in Jerusalem from end to end to maintain security and order during a tense period, during the eve of Yom Kippur , there are those who try to thwart them, create provocation and commit illegal acts that violate public peace and security.” It was also said that Rothman “abused his immunity”.

On behalf of MK Rothman it was stated: “During an illegal arrest and contrary to the court’s decision while carrying out an assault and false arrest, and in order to prevent the transfer of weapons to unauthorized persons, MK Rothman transferred the weapon of the person who was unlawfully detained to the police station. We are sorry That the Israel Police is engaged on the eve of Yom Kippur in spreading lies and politically persecuting law-abiding citizens instead of protecting and maintaining public peace.”


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