The political parties mark their strategy a few hours after the motion of censure

The political parties mark their strategy a few hours after the motion of censure

A few hours after the motion of censure, Ramón Tamames has answered the questions of Susana Griso in Espejo Público. The candidate for president addresses those who question him, telling them that “they are wrong” and believes that this Tuesday is “a unique, special occasion” to be able to listen to the criticism of an “independent” person of the work of the Government.

Tamames will not go up to speak from the rostrum. The seat of the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has been enabled for him to intervene “for about 45 minutes”, the economist himself has confirmed.

No surprises are expected and, despite the fact that Vox knows that this motion has no chance of going ahead, it believes that it will serve “to portray the illegitimate, illegal government.” The formation of Santiago Abascal blames the Popular Party for going to abstain. The leader of Vox has revealed, in an interview on Cadena Cope, that “in private we have offered him to lead this motion of censure” in exchange for promising that Vox would vote in favor.

Government and Vox focus their criticism on Feijóo

However, Vox and the Government agree on something: focus their criticism on the PP. Precisely this Monday, the Executive has brought forward its Council of Ministers one day due to the motion of no confidence and the press conference has been almost monothematic.

The Government “takes the motion very seriously.” You think you’re going to serve to contrast two models: “Before us we have two very different ones: that of this government of progress and that of the right with the extreme right, because they shake hands. This motion of censure is marital capitulations,” said the government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez.

Isabel Rodríguez did not want to reveal who is going to intervene in the motion on behalf of the Government, but, as Antena 3 Noticias has been able to confirm, President Sánchez will share the lead with Second Vice President Yolanda Díaz.

The PP defends its abstention

The PP disassociates itself from this motion. Its general coordinator says that they do not want to “participate in this mess between Vox and the PSOE.” Elías Bendodo believes that Sánchez “does not have to prop him up with a motion, he must be thrown out soon at the polls.”

The PP defends its abstention and believes that this Sánchez government “is in discount time” and that the motion serves them to “get oxygen and present themselves to society as the one who achieved a parliamentary majority to be able to resist.”

Cuca Gamarra, general secretary of the PP, denounces that it is used as a “marketing campaign and for pure electoralism” and clarifies that “we do not participate in this.” The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, will not attend the motion of censuresince he is not a deputy.


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