The “political” view of Street Art on Roma-

«With the“ Art and Politics ”project we would like to show the world the audacity, the contemporaneity and the awareness with which the Italian creative and cultural sector is now facing global challenges». Lorenzo Angeloni, who at the Farnesina is director general for the promotion of the country system, summarizes the basic idea of ​​”Art and Politics”, a project of the Foreign Ministry in collaboration with the Institute for International Affairs which wants to investigate the political message of the Street Art through four documentaries and an ebook.

A work of Diamond

«Street Art is one of the most dynamic and lively sectors of our artistic panorama. Our project shows not only the talents who deserve to be known all over the world, but also the sincere and profound passion of Italian artists for the most current themes and the centrality of social and political commitment in their production “, underlines again. ‘ambassador Angeloni.

A work by Solo (detail)
A work by Solo (detail)

The four short documentaries are visible from Wednesday 7 July on “Italiana”, the portal of the Farnesina for the promotion of Italian culture in the world ( The videos are focused on as many crucial themes of the contemporary world, through the eyes of the artists who deal with them in their graffiti: it investigates how Street Art deals with democracy, climate change, gender issues, identity.

An ebook is also available on «Italiana» (Art and Politics – The Streets of Rome), edited by Eleonora Poli, research manager at the International Affairs Institute. With interventions that retrace the same strands of documentaries.

A work by Iena Cruz
A work by Iena Cruz

Many street artists involved with their works: Alice Pasquini, Diamond, Iena Cruz, JDL, Jerico, Lucamaleonte, Manu Invisible, Solo. The artists, together with curators and specialists in the sector, are compared with researchers of international politics: Nathalie Tocci (director of the International Affairs Institute), Fabrizio Botti, Carlo d’Ippolito, Irene Fellin, Luca Franza, Nicoletta Pirozzi, Eleonora Poli, Piero Tortola. With the ambition, continues Angeloni, “to arrive at a real critical discourse in images”.

A work of Jerico
A work of Jerico

This first phase of the project is entirely focused on the city of Rome and on works present in the capital. “Our idea – concludes Angeloni – is to extend this experiment in the future to other cities in the world to enrich our dialogue with original contents with the collaboration of the network of Italian Embassies and Cultural Institutes”.


«Art and Politics» is the project of the Foreign Ministry in collaboration with the International Affairs Institute. Objective: to investigate the political message of Street Art through 4 documentaries and an ebook: its

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