The Pope celebrates Mass ‘in coena Domini’ with Angelo Becciu – Pope Francis celebrated Mass ‘in coena Domini’ in the chapel of the apartment of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, to show him friendship and closeness.

The nuns who look after the home of the cardinal and a group of focolarine were present at the celebration. It is not surprising, Vatican sources say, the gesture made by Pope Francis. It is, they underline, a gesture of paternity on a day like Holy Thursday.

The indiscretions speak of a Pope Francis who certainly did not want to keep the news hidden, which in itself is not very predictable. On paper it could be argued, but it would be a beautiful paradox, that there is nothing new, because Bergoglio used to entertain himself at the home of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, on Holy Thursday, for the celebrations of the Mass ‘in coena Domini’. But in between, between last Easter and this one, there was not only the covid: there was a late afternoon in September in which, always surprisingly, the cardinal was summoned by the Pope and, within half an hour , deprived of his post at the Secretariat of State and of the prerogatives of the cardinalate. A gesture of absolute rupture, with only two other comparable cases in the entire previous century of the Church’s life.

To underline the exceptional nature of the event also the reaction of the person concerned, who not even twenty-four hours later called a sensational press conference in which he pronounced – after having protested his innocence on the case of the sale of a property in one of the most expensive areas of London – a cryptic phrase: “up at 6.03 pm yesterday I was a friend of the Pope “. And he added: I hope no one has manipulated it. Words which, if referred to a pontiff, are of no small weight.

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Today, again at unusual times, we learn the following: “This evening Pope Francis celebrated Mass in Coena Domini in the chapel of the apartment of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, to show him friendship and closeness. The sisters were present at the celebration. who look after the house of the prelate and a group of focolarine “.

A little later Vatican sources underlined that the gesture “is not surprising” because “it is a gesture of paternity on a day like Holy Thursday”. It does not seem possible to speak of peace made, but the détente is in progress if not at an advanced stage.

The exact reasons that pushed Francesco to a step of paternity are not yet known, perhaps, but certainly unsettling for the strangers to the story of the investigations launched on Becciu’s account. It is reasonable to imagine, however, that the imminent end of the investigation (closing date already in January) has influenced the attitude of the Pope, who had seemed to become less uncompromising for some weeks already.

Today, then, the Osservatore Romano he reflected on reconciliation and understanding on Holy Thursday. Surely it is forced to put the two facts into a cause and effect relationship, but it remains on record that the news, as it was filtered, explicitly speaks of closeness and friendship. As if to say: if from 18.03 of that day we were no longer friends, from 17.30 today – time of the start of the celebration – we can be friends again.

Moreover, in the same homily delivered this morning for the Mass of the Chrism in San Pietro again Bergoglio had referred to the current one as an “era of scandals”, inviting us not to hear the suggestions of the Evil One, overcoming “legalisms” and “moralisms”.

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“We are not scandalized because Jesus was not scandalized having to heal sick people and free prisoners in the midst of the moralistic, legalistic, clerical discussions and controversies that aroused every time he did good “, were the words of the Pontiff this morning.” giving sight to the blind in the midst of people who closed their eyes so as not to see or looked the other way. We are not scandalized because Jesus was not scandalized that his preaching of the year of the Lord’s grace, a year that is the whole of history, caused a public scandal in what today would barely occupy the third page of a newspaper. province”.

And who knows what he was thinking when he said these words.



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