The Port of Motril organizes its next cruise season |

The Port of Motril organizes its next cruise season |

2023-10-02 09:24:52

Recently, the commission formed by the Port Authority of Motril (Spain) and the town’s City Council met to evaluate the progress of the current cruise campaign and to design strategies to promote the next season. Political and technical representatives from both institutions participated in this commission in order to enrich the experience of cruise passengers in Motril.

Projections for the year 2024 are ambitious, with the expectation of receiving 55,119 passengers and 24,857 crew members on board 37 ships. This marks a significant increase compared to the 36,279 passengers, 17,050 crew and 25 stops planned for the current season. The planning seeks to boost cruise tourism in the region and diversify its activities.

During the meeting, various initiatives were discussed, including the promotion of tourism resources related to sugar cane, the creation of a promotional brochure for local businesses and the highlighting of sun and beach offers. The goal to achieve is to offer cruise passengers opportunities to explore the local culture and economy, providing an enriching experience.

It is worth mentioning that the Port Authority has emphasized the positive evolution of cruise tourism in Motril and the importance of preparing to take advantage of opportunities in sectors such as commerce, hospitality and tourist services. The ultimate goal is to turn Motril into a highly desired destination for cruise passengers. The City Council has stressed the importance of these meetings to coordinate the general interests of the city and its impact on the local economy.

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On the other hand, at the beginning of September, the Motril enclave presented its ‘Green Tour Motril Port’ project, a sustainable tourism strategy linked to the Motril-Granada-Jaén destination. This project offers a maritime tourism offer based on 20 excursions with sustainability criteria in natural spaces and landscapes, which is complemented by initiatives to be a safe and sustainable port.

Apart from improving the experience of its visitors, the Andalusian enclave has managed to manage goods originating or destined for 106 ports around the world during the last year, collaborating with countries such as Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Chile, the United States, China and Ghana, among others.

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