The Port of Paita will increase its service capacity by 35% |

The Port of Paita will increase its service capacity by 35% |

2023-06-08 09:33:36

Through an addendum to the concession contract of the Paita Port Terminalthe facility will receive an extra investment that will lead to a 35% increase in container handling capacity.

The resources will arrive after an articulated work process between the public sector and private companies, through the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), and the National Port Authority (APN).

Among its three actions, the addendum includes an increase of USD 5.2 million in investment to acquire a dock gantry crane; the increase in the concessionaire’s remuneration that will be allocated to the Social Fund of the Paita Port Terminal, an amount for the execution of health, education and training programs; and the incorporation of the anti-corruption clause.

“It is the type of investment that generates economic growth and development. We are going to increase the movement of TEUs per year, from a capacity of 495,000 to 680,000. The benefits are multiple,” said the Deputy Minister of Transportation, Alberto Ñecco, during the act of signing the addendum.

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