The possible cooperation between Italy and Israel on smart mobility – On digital and advanced mobility Israel and Italy, “can face common challenges together” and have “great potential to share both at a strategic and technological level.” This is what was declared to the by Raphael Singer, director of the Economic Affairs Department of the Israeli Embassy in Italy.

Last Wednesday, March 24th, the “Smart Mobility Digital Event” organized by the Israeli embassy in Italy, in collaboration with the honorary consulate of Israel in Tuscany, was held, a moment of exchange of ideas and best practices on one of the fundamental issues of the moment, the future of mobility, which saw the reality of Tuscany and in particular that of Florence, confronting various actors of Israeli smart mobility on possible scenarios for common action and on the respective progress in the sector.

This is just the beginning, confirms Minister Singer: “This result will certainly lead us to plan various events in Italy”. The Minister then added: “Israel has become a very active country in the Automotive and Smart industries mobiley. Technology companies such as MobilEye and Valens and other companies such as mobility service providers such as Waze and Gett have their roots in Israel and are certainly developing their professional growth in this sector in the Region “which certainly opens the door to new forms of collaboration. also with Italy given that, as Singer explained: “Both in Israel and in Italy there is an important awareness that for sustainable development, a profound transformation of our urbanization models is urgently needed. “

In particular, the relaunch plans linked to the funds of the Next Generation EU offer a unique perspective for joint projects that allow Italy in particular to better face the challenge of sustainable and innovative mobility: “Investments envisaged by the Next Generation EU they can certainly bring added value to the potential of partnerships between Israelis and Italians in the private sector and not only in the field of Smart Mobility but also in a wide range of issues, such as in the field of Digitization and Health. ” Singer declared, who added “such opportunities will only open up new forms of dialogue to establish collaborative platforms in these sectors by implementing the already well-established relationships between our two countries.”

A particular theme emerged during the “Smart Mobility Digital Event”, that of the necessary regulatory innovation to regulate new forms of mobility, such as freight or passenger transport by drones. In this regard Singer stressed the importance of tools such as “Eco Motion”, the community of public and private actors that works to develop new ideas, technological and even regulatory solutions that can be proposed to Israeli municipalities.

Bodies of this kind that bring together both the governmental side and that of the market players, can make it possible to identify the most suitable regulatory instruments not only at the national level but also at the local level to face the challenges of mobility, accelerating the development of a sector destined to revolutionize even more in the coming years.

(Gianmarco Pondrano Altavilla for 30Science)



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