The PP of Castilla-La Mancha will take to the Constitutional Court the veto of debates on national issues in the regional Parliament

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2023-09-21 16:46:35

The president of the Popular Party of Castilla-La Mancha, Paco Núñez, announced this Thursday that his party will present an appeal to the Constitutional Court against the modification of the regulations of the Regional Courts promoted in his opinion by the PSOE of Castilla-La Mancha ” with the sole purpose of preventing national issues that affect all Castilian-La Mancha residents from being debated in parliament.”

The PP boasts that it will mobilize more than 1,000 Castilian-Manchegos in the demonstration against the amnesty in Madrid


He announced this moments before participating in the activities on the occasion of the San Mateo festival in the city of Cuenca where he said that, if the president of the Board dedicates himself daily to reflecting and talking about national issues, it is “because he What happens affects all the residents of Castilla-La Mancha.”

Nunez adduces that Page speaks constantly about national affairs

Núñez maintains that García-Page talks about national unity, the possible amnesty or an independence referendum in Catalonia, legislation, the rule of law, or the Constitution because they are issues that affect Castilla-La Mancha. And in this aspect he shows his surprise at the attitude of the regional PSOE “which has decided to prohibit talking about these national issues in Parliament, something that contradicts the action of its general secretary in the region and that is clearly incoherent, furthermore “undemocratic.”

“An express reform promoted by the PSOE, approved with its only votes in favor, by fast track and with the objective that national issues cannot be discussed at the headquarters of the legislative capacity,” he recriminated.

The PP’s legal services are already working on preparing the appeal announced against this modification because, as Paco Núñez has argued, if we talk about regional financing, the management of the Ebro, the Constitution, national unity, the amnesty or a possible referendum in Catalonia, “affects” Castilla-La Mancha.

“We are a part of the whole,” he said, and has repeated that this matter will be taken to the Constitutional Court so that the word is not curtailed in the Cortes, so that freedom of expression prevails and “so that national affairs, which “They affect everyone, and those that Page speaks about daily, can also be talked about, debated and agreed upon in the regional courts.”

He concluded his reflection on the matter by alluding to the reason why he believes that the PSOE intends not to talk about national issues in the Cortes so as not to highlight their contradictions. The idea, he said, is to ensure that “it does not continue to be staged that the socialists are opposed to an issue in their statements, but then vote in favor of them, as is the case of pardons or the modification of the Penal Code, among others.”

PSOE: La Rioja has a “practically identical” text

The deputy of the socialist group in the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha Fernando Mora, regarding the modification of the Regulations of the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, has asked “what problem does the PP have”, since the Parliament of La Rioja – community autonomous governed with the absolute majority of the ‘popular’ -, “has in its regulations a text practically identical to the one approved here.”

They refer in particular to article 28.e of this rule, which literally states that “in the case of matters that exceed the statutory powers of the Autonomous Community, the Board may reject their inadmissibility for processing, unless they are matters of exclusive interest.” or fundamentally to La Rioja or its citizens.”

Mora added that “there are other parliaments that also point out that, obviously, one cannot be talking about national policy issues in a regional Parliament, which has to dedicate itself to what the Statute of Autonomy and the Constitution mandate,” he assured. .

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