The premise of not losing was imposed

The premise of not losing was imposed

2023-10-02 06:09:24

The appetizer could not be more stimulating to make the presidential debate attractive. He new scandal which starred the recently resigned Chief of Staff of the province of Buenos Aires Martin Insaurralde, known only 24 hours before the candidates’ face-to-face presentation, threatened to color everything. But he was just the trigger for the first crossings.

Due to the imperative of the established format and the decision of the candidates, the controversy was less intense than could be expected. and policy formulations had more opportunity for development, although also less impact, surprise and novelties.

The five candidates were attached to the strategy they had outlined and trained for. It was a study round, with a few direct blows to the body as if to test the opponent. They fulfilled what they trained. To regulation.

They all honored the maxim that Presidential debates can lose an election, but they can hardly ensure a victory. Thus, no one made a fatal mistake, but neither did anyone find a sufficient coup to emerge as a clear winner. The premise of not losing was imposed.

It is difficult to assume that the enormous expectations generated have been met. The rating had peaks almost like that of a World Cup match for the national team. Argentina continues to be an extremely politicized country, although politicians have so much difficulty in responding to social needs and demands..

Sergio Massa and Javier Milei They did what was expected and what they have been doing after the STEP: They chose each other as opponents to keep the center of the scene, with more blank bullets than intention to harm the chances of the other. Thus, in the first thematic block, that of economy and education, both exhausted their rights of reply almost reciprocally.

However, Massa did achieve one of the two moments in which Milei was warned of discomfort. It was when he proposed that she apologize for his criticism of the Pope.

Finally, the UP minister-candidate returned to bilateralism with Milei, especially when he told Patricia Bullrich who agreed with the candidate from La Libertad Avanza (LLA) regarding the fact that His economic proposal was not clear. Milei reaffirmed it. It was the biggest blow that they attacked the Together for Change candidate.

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As happened after the PASO, It was difficult for Bullrich to occupy a place in the center of the ring alongside Massa and Milei, due to the merit of others and due to his own difficulties in developing his message..

His speech seemed more spontaneous than that of his two main rivals, but also less fluid and precise, with little verbal richness and with some stumbles when asked for details. The bilateral opposition to which she is exposed continues to be a trap from which she cannot escape. She herself reinforced it by challenging the Peronist and the libertarian with the same resource of interpellant tuteo.

Order and courage, in addition to offering governability, were the dominant attributes and proposal of the Cambiomita candidate’s presentation in almost all subjects. Also your antikirchnerismo absoluto and its self-positation as the tool to finish it. The main recipient of the criticism was Massa and his government, although he did not manage to get rid of it or ever alter the security posture that it conveyed.

What was also surprising was the lack of focus on corruption, despite the succession of recent elements that had been served to him on a platter. Since the reopening of the case for enrichment of the Kirchner family, through the Cardsgate from the Buenos Aires Legislature until the brand new Insaurralde scandal. It seemed to be, then, who took the least advantage of the opportunity offered to themwhen he was the one who most needed to score a clear point.

Milei, for her part, took advantage of the dominant position she found herself in after the primaries. She sought to exhibit authority on economic issues and maintained her disqualifications towards the political leadership (the caste), but without outbursts or attacks that would highlight the unknowns about his emotional balance.

The libertarian was barely bothered (a little less than with the Pope) when Bullrich confronted him his brand new society with the unionist Luis Barrionuevo as a representative of “the caste”, which the libertarian denounces so much. “You are more chaste,” was the answer he found. His economic ultra-liberalism was thus once again combined with traits of unflinching right-wing populism.

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He had his most controversial moment when he questioned the number of 30,000 missing and talk about excesses “of the forces of the State”, but not crimes against humanity, which he awarded only to guerrilla organizations. She thus went further than her running mate, Victoria Villarruelwho is the daughter of a soldier and activist in favor of the victims of the guerrilla.

Massa tried to protect himself from the beginning apologize for the “pains” what the current government caused to the Argentines, although it avoided assuming its share of responsibility. What’s more, he chose to show himself as the bold politician who came to prevent these problems from getting worse, although the figures contradict it. His blue presidential suit appeared to be coated in a solid layer of Teflon.

Undeterred, the UP candidate avoided criticism of the ruling party and its management to present himself as the change within the continuity of Peronism with notable management of his emotions. At the risk of sounding like speck or a caricature of a candidate shaped by marketing, exhibited his skills as a skilled debater. And, finally, he presented himself as a candidate for dialogue and consensus. A way to avoid criticism and ensure the continuity of Kirchnerism with another face, as Bullrich tried to pin on him.

Juan Schiaretti and Myriam Bregman were left with the uncomfortable position of being on the periphery of the three thirds that dominated the PASO.

The man from Córdoba concentrated on the productivist discourse, on offering the cordobanism as a solution for the country and in the defense of federalism. Strudence is not his thing and he did not disappoint expectations.

The leftist candidate, on the other hand, managed to stand out with her articulate and incisive speech, which from the periphery questions all the candidates for their capitalist and anti-popular status. Besides, was the sharpest in exposing the most recent scandal in politicsas were the luxury vacations in Insaurralde.

If the election was marked by the challenge of a good part of the citizens to the conduct of a good part of the political leadership and the last three weeks only added elements to turn that issue into a computer, it was thus surprising that it had so little presence in the debate.

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That’s why Bregman was more notable. And for the same reason, in contrast, there was little emphasis made by Bullrich.

It will only be known on the night of next Sunday the 22nd how much impact it will have. But the obvious thing is that the scandal had dominated the entire conversation just on the day when citizens get almost as into election mode as the Sunday they go to the polls.

And what happened with Insaurraldo had been one more blow for Sergio Massa as an official candidate. For this reason, after the debate, Massa said that the still mayor of Lomas de Zamora must resign his candidacy for councilor. Something had to be said. Above all because the event impacts the Perokirchnerist electoral bastion: it is the third scandal recorded after the PASO that has as its epicenter the province of Buenos Aires and its authorities.

That’s why, During the weekend, concern deeply penetrated Axel Kicillof and their surroundings, just as Cristina and Máximo Kirchner were again silenced, who were the ones who brought Insaurralde to the provincial cabinet after the PASO of 2021. Mother and son followed the family manual of appearing oblivious to the events that may affect them.

The presidential debate made their task easier. Nobody exposed them too much for that or Nor did anyone emphasize other issues that outrage, such as the recent inflation and poverty numbers.

The majority of the candidates worked according to regulations and adjusted, without going too deep, to the purpose of “making known and debating before the electorate the electoral platforms of the political groups,” as the call states.

Faced with an election that will be defined on the margins, the imperative of not losing in advance won.

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