The president canceled the gazette issued by the northern governor!

Tamil newspapers have reported that the President has issued an order to the Minister of Justice to cancel the gazette issued illegally by the Governor of the Northern Province.

In that message, Northern Province Governor Jeevan Thiagarajah had made two canonical laws on 2022-10-27 and gazetted them.

C. Thavarasa, the former opposition leader of the Northern Provincial Council, has issued a statement pointing out that this is wrong, while the president of the Northern Provincial Council, C.V.K.Sivagnanam, has written a letter to the President and the Prime Minister.

In this situation, President Ranil Wickremesinghe directed Justice Minister Vijayadasa Rayapaksa to immediately cancel the two gazettes issued by the Northern Governor on 27-10-2022 when it was announced in the cabinet meeting held on Monday (05).

Both the gazettes are expected to be canceled this week, the report said.


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